5049 Highway 78 Santa Ysabel, California 92070

About Us


Welcome to the San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center. We are located at the headwaters of the San Diego River. Our San Diego Yoga Retreat Center is open and is a wellspring for all who love Yoga and Holistic Health.

We are all about wellness and healing and our focus is on spirituality and strengthening connection with higher guidance. We are a Conscious Community located on more than ten acres in the spectacular foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains on the north edge of the Cleveland National Forest right next to Julian, California. The San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center provides the perfect getaway base for walkers, yoga and dancing enthusiasts, hikers, and those looking for a relaxing and healing retreat in this beautiful area. We also feature the largest walking labyrinth in California.


Retreat to celebrate the grandeur of earth, air, stone and water. When you visit here, you will be waking up a breathtaking park-like setting letting a deep sense of peace flood into your experience as you find yourself relaxing in nature while breathing in early morning crisp mountain air. Start the day by watching the wildlife and the sky and landscape subtly change colors while enjoying a nice outdoor breakfast made with wholesome foods after a one hour free Movement – Dancing through the chakras with music or Yoga!


Take a trip back in time. Our little piece of land that we love to share has been shared with many throughout time. The Kumeyaay Native Americans first inhabited this land and there are about 25 metates (grinding or mealing stones) around the property for viewing. These holes were ground into the rocks over hundreds of years by the Native Americans and today they serve as bird baths during the rainy season for the many types of birds that call this area home. The very first and original wagon trail passes through the center of the land here. The white concrete, old abandoned highway here provides many children who visit here a very safe trail for bike riding. It was abandoned in 1955 and is one of the longest intact pieces of highway in the area, around 300 feet. The old highway also hugs the San Diego River’s headwaters which originate from this area.


We feature the largest walking labyrinth in California. It is 110 feet in diameter. Going in and coming out, walking this labyrinth is about three quarter’s of a mile walk. People from all over the world have enjoyed walking this labyrinth since 2008. People have many different intentions when they walk the labyrinth. Some of the intentions people have for walking the labyrinth are: to cope with stress, to help deal with grief, to calm down, to meditate or pray, to have time to themselves, to find their authentic selves beyond their ego and illusion, to unite a group with common hopes, to stimulate creativity, to gain clarity, to find peace, to release a burden in the center of the labyrinth that is too heavy for them to carry and for personal development. As you see, people use the labyrinth for many purposes.


The surrounding area is rich with artists and crafts people, many of whom open their studios throughout all of the seasons. Specific arts events include the Blues Bash, Gold Rush Days, Julian Grape Stomp Fiesta, Apple Days and numerous local concerts and music events, all well covered in the local press. There are also 100 of miles of trails for biking and mountain hikes.


We are looking to make this center more sustainable, and to implement permaculture design concepts. We have many unique varieties of fruit and nut trees as well as many berry bushes and vines. A list of these include: Apple, Peaches, Apricots, Cherry, Plum, Goji, Pear, Persimmon, Walnut, Nectarine, Pluots, Quince, Mulberries (Black and Pakistan), Pineapple Guava, Pomegranate, Contorted Jujube, olive and almond trees, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries and strawberries. We plan on expanding our annual garden and perennial landscape. We compost and recycle and make a lot of our own fertilizer.


All of the water is drawn from a well located on the land and is then purified through our ultra violet light purifier. Enjoy fresh mountain water from the tap.  Coming soon is our solar panel system with the goal of being a completely sustainable land.


We have an orchard of about 85 fruit trees all for your picking pleasure – Apple, Peaches, Apricots, Cherry, Plum, Goji, Pear, Persimmon, Walnut, Nectarine, Pluots, Quince, Mulberries (Black and Pakistan), Pineapple Guava, Pomegranate, Contorted Jujube, olive and almond trees. There are also blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries and strawberries.


The Inaja Trail is the best adventures track and  one of four trails in San Diego County showcased as a “National Recreation Trail” and “Adventure Retreat Track”, It begins about one mile from the San Diego Yoga Retreat Center. A trail leaflet, which may be available at the trail head, gives information about the typical live oak-chaparral vegetation seen here and elsewhere in the upper foothills of San Diego County. An overlook at the midpoint in the trail gives a good view down the linear canyon of the San Diego River. Nearly everything you see in that direction was burned in the 2003 Cedar Fire, but the landscape is quickly recovering. At 3440 feet elevation, the overlook is often just above a temperature inversion that traps cooler, moist air below. On some mornings, you’ll find the canyon hidden by a cottony blanket of fog, while neighboring peaks and ridges stand like islands in clear air.


Love is our religion.  We do not affiliate with any organized philosophy or religion nor do we have a doctrinal or theological statement.  We dance. We welcome all from all walks of life and believe that Consciousness is arising on our planet and that we want to be as helpful as possible to further this.  Our teachings and lessons are only signposts that point the way to a Higher Reality. There is only one Source of Life and Energy and we welcome all that are on that path.   This slice of the planet is available for all to find Stillness, Presence, and Consciousness, from which a wellspring of Love, Joy and Peace will flow.


We are doing it together with you! Come share what you know with us and learn what we are doing with well water and farming.  We will also further develop our well water system and solar power system.


Located in Wynola, a small subdivision in between Julian and Santa Ysabel is also home to wonderful antique and farmers produce markets. A one hour drive will take you to the stunning La Jolla coast, scattered with wonderful beaches and charming towns such as Del Mar.