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Holistic Health Mastership Retreat for Highly Sensitive People

Holistic Health Mastership Retreat for Highly Sensitive People 

Holistic Health is a concept in medical practice upholding that all aspects of people’s needs, psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole. We co-facilitate traditions of human transformation, life transitions and support each individual’s spiritual belief as a prescription for living healthier lives; emotionally, mentally, and physically in order to have a positive impact on their family, friends and community.

Mastership is a term that can be defined as one who is in charge of their own life living beyond the ego through following their own authority and intuition (6th sense)  independent of the conditions of the outside world through releasing and letting go of any control, conditioning or judgements and being a leader of self through awareness, trust and emotional intelligence. Mastership means you listen to yourself and not an outside authority for direction and decisions. Mastership also means listening to others, caring and loving others and we teach listening skills. We also teach about empathy even though as a highly sensitive person you already are empathic.

Retreat: Many go on a retreat because they want change in their lives. To have a more positive and lasting change, it is essential to step out and away from your current environment for some time to allow that change to happen so that learning can happen and you are not constantly reminded of who you are or were. Change happens here. Our world is our mirror, so when we change our brain consciousness, our outer world changes and in this retreat, we teach how to change our consciousness in the brain and we do so, with awareness, daily biofeedback, peace, love, joy, appreciation and clarity.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. – Leo Tolstoy

What Is a Highly Sensitive Person?

According to Dr. Elaine N. Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person, defines a distinct personality trait that affects as many as one out of every five people. According to Dr. Aron’s definition, the highly sensitive person (HSP) has a sensitive nervous system, is aware of subtleties in his/her surroundings, and is more easily overwhelmed when in a highly stimulating environment. Highly sensitive people often pick up on subtleties in their environment that others miss. However, they can easily become overwhelmed, tired and frazzled because their nervous systems overload in an attempt to process too much sensory input at once.

With Holistic Health Mastership Retreat for Highly Sensitive People, our emphasis is on you, your relationships and your career. We believe that when you are in harmony with yourself, then all your relationships and your career thrive in a sustainable happy way because you are coming from a solid foundation of love.

We will never advocate quitting your current career before having a solid foundation, because we all need food, clothes and shelter. Our work is helping you to set up that solid foundation with proper goal setting, self-awareness through questioning, empathy and listening skills.

We start with love, because everything else is essentially not real and love is the only real solid foundation of any existence or creation! Logic says if the foundation of your life is not love, it will be destroyed and who is not seeking a secure and stable solid foundation with peace, love and joy? On a personal level and on a business level at San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center, we make decisions consciously on the foundation of love.

A deep, rich rewarding life is a life that is in service to your soul. In the very essence of our work, we are co-creating with LOVE. Your inner wisdom knows what is perfect for you.  You have values, but you may not always live your values at full consciousness. Making  every decision and choice consciously beyond the ego with awareness, trust, emotional intelligence helps with growing love.  We teach how to bring your intuition to a conscious level when making decisions and NOT make decisions based on your conditioning of judgement, bias and prejudice. This comes with practice, practice, practice.

Many people now are so driven to meet their goals based on their conditioning of what it means to be “successful” but when they meet their goals they are not happy. To us, what is important is how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. If we start treating ourselves better and treat others with kindness as well, our world will change and our world will be sustainable for future generations. Sustainability can only be done together. We invite you to retreat with us for awhile.

Many Spirit guided (meditation varies depending on the energy of the group) meditations and7 Chakra crystal bowl sound bath healings are offered at this retreat in the meditation room.

The retreat dates are July 4th through July 7th, July 11th through July 14th, or July 18th through July 21st.

Check-in is at 4 pm and check-out is at 11 am.

Day One:

3:00 pm – 4:00 p.m. Welcome and Sunset or Labyrinth walk

5:30 p.m. Energy work and discussion

6:15 p.m. Dinner

7:15 Sound healing meditation

Day Two and Three

Snacks, nuts, seeds, fruit, tea and coffee available before yoga

7:45 Individual meditation

8:15 a.m.  Yoga

9:30  Breakfast

10:30 a.m.  Meditation and  Workshop Class with a break

1:30 p.m.   Lunch

2:30 p.m. Rest

3:00 p.m. Workshop

4:30 pm Walk

7:00 p.m. Dinner and indoor or outdoor campfire with spiritual discussions


Day Four

7:45 Individual meditation

8:15 a.m.  Yoga

9:20 a.m. Breakfast

10:20 a.m. Workshop and group photos

11:00 a.m. Check-out

Memo Ozdogan

From his early twenties, Memo Ozdogan has had great passion and personal interest in exploring western and eastern spirituality and philosophy in order to see and understand different approaches towards the subject of living. He has delved into the original teachings of the Buddha, J.Krishnamurti, Rumi, Ancient Greek philosophy, Zen, The Tao, ancient forms of spirituality and new age spirituality.


After deeply studying all these various approaches, he tried to find out the original truth in each of these different approaches without becoming a static follower of any of them. He quotes: “life is a very dynamic and living thing which is ever-changing, and therefore no philosophy of the past can be applied directly to life which takes place only in the present moment. Philosophy or teachings might point out an important truth and much can be learned from them but one should never get stuck at any of them since life must be explored from moment to moment and that means one must continue one’s inner journey of discovery at this present moment. This is the only door opening to the path of true happiness and liberation”.


Having lived in Asia for a long time, he has had the unique opportunity to deeply explore eastern philosophies of living such as Zen. Being originally from Turkey where the great poet Rumi lived his life, Memo has had a family tradition of Sufism, and his grandfather was a widely respected Sufi master of his area.  After such a long term of study and exploration, recently, naturally and spontaneously he began sharing the outcome of such study with others in a book he authored named as “Letters from Love Cafe”, and by organizing some discussion groups and seminars for the exploration of subjects such as Love, Living in the Present, Meditation, Spiritual path, Fear, Self-Knowledge, Suffering, Loneliness, Happiness, Wisdom, Conscious Living, The Subconscious etc. ; basically subjects about life itself.  He also established a platform called ‘Find Your Secret Key’ to serve this purpose, and for the healing of deeply rooted subconscious hurts through guided meditation and spiritual counselling. Memo also has deep knowledge about the subconscious and the subtle ways of its working. Both in Sufism and Zen there are no official certificates of mastery, but with his deep level of understanding and wisdom Memo is a true spiritual master.


Recently, he decided to travel the world to share such knowledge and wisdom, and learn, at the same time, from others as well in the process as he believes one is both the master and the student who studies life in the mirror of relationship.


Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer is a business owner, career coach, spiritual counselor and a highly sensitive person. Jennifer graduated from California State University San Marcos. Jennifer has a current California teaching credential and she has taught in the inner-city and also, the more affluent city schools for five years until she became pregnant. She later studied spiritual psychology, Psychic and evidential Mediumship, Akashic readings, vibrational healing, Intuitive Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing work, Spirit and Animal Communication, Psychometry and Spiritual space clearing. She has studied Spiritual Parenting and is Certified Facilitator of the 17 and GraceLight and The Point of Essence Process from The Soul Center for Spiritual Healing – Spiritual Healing for Indigo Children and Adult Indigos. In 2005, Jennifer completed certification for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and also in 2005 Jennifer also completed for Basic Certified Practitioner and Advanced Certified Practitioner in the EMF Balancing Technique. In 2005, Jennifer became a Soul Memory Discovery Practitioner. Jennifer has been professionally serving as an ambassador between the Spirit world and our day to day world relaying wisdom and insight from teachers, angels, guides and those who have crossed over for many years now. She is gifted in clairvoyance, clairsentience, Clair cognizance, clairaudience and clairgustance. She is a sound healer, spiritual healer, career coach, love coach,  and mental medium. She also teaches about emancipation and manifestation and believes all healing comes from God.

Reviews below from past volunteers who stayed with us. You, too can be a volunteer and learn a different way of living. Please inquire by email only: info@sandiegospiritualretreatcenter.com Thank you!

Helper: Connor Hill

From: United States    Date: May 13, 2017

My stay here over the last 5 1/2 weeks was absolutely amazing! Jen and Memo are very wise and have so much love in their hearts. I helped with cooking and cleaning, weedwacking, pulling weeds, garden work, and participating in various projects that needed to be done. The walks around the area are beautiful! The food was fantastic and I really enjoyed providing healthy vegan food for the guests at retreats. The other helpers there during my stay were such beautiful souls, and the community aspect of it was awesome. I am thankful for this opportunity. I hope I can come back in the future!

Helper: Joe and Angie

From: United States    Date: March 20, 2017

My family and I recently spent 5 weeks here and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Such a beautiful spot. We were all made so welcome by Jennifer and Memo as well as the other volunteers. We wondered if our children (12 and 16) would be comfortable here but our worries were unfounded as the whole atmosphere was so easy-going and welcoming. I feel we made lifelong friends here. During the retreats the work (cooking and yoga teaching for me) was very structured but during non-retreat times we were trusted to be self-directed as to organizing what needed doing amongst ourselves. We even had some fun attending the local open mike nights as a group. Those evenings will not be quickly forgotten! Thanks for everything Jennifer and Memo!

Helper: Deema

From: Russia    Date: March 5, 2017

If you are looking for comfort and quiet place, you can’t go wrong. Scenic views, fresh air, great trails for jogging in the mountains. Only friendly neighbors lives around. Very peaceful and safety.

Nearby is the lovely towns Wynola and Julian, which are like museums of American architecture of the last century. They are rich in history and have nice places to visit: antique shops, bookstores, reconstruction of gold mining, bars with delicious beer and, of course, the famous Julian Pie Co.

I was lucky enough not only to take part in yoga, meditation classes, but also closely acquainted with the owners — Jennifer and Memo. Welcoming, caring, considerate people who can lead the dialogue in a non-trivial topics different areas of life. Thank you very much for the knowledge, warmth, and ideas that you gave me! Peace and harmony to your home. I will be glad to meet you again someday 🙂