Rental Agreement

The “San Diego River Inn” and the “San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center” are now one company.  Renting a vacation rental or having your wedding one on our properties requires that the following Rental Agreement be read and digitally signed at the bottom of the page.


This rental agreement is for all guests staying the Riverfront House, the Riverview Upper House or the Riverview Lower House, located at 5049 Highway 78, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070. It is also for all guests staying at the Lakeside House, located at 9646 Los Coches Road, Santa Ysabel, CA 92040.

1. CHECK-IN TIME IS AFTER 4:00 P.M. AND CHECK-OUT IS 11:00 A.M. Early Check-ins will need to be prearranged with SAN DIEGO RIVER INN in advance.

NOTE TO ALL WEDDING GUESTS: Your check-in time and date is per the wedding package you have booked with us.  The check-out time varies, per your wedding package.

2. This is a NON SMOKING unit(s). Smoking inside the unit(s) is strictly prohibited or a $250 cleaning fee will be applied. Tenants also agree that any tenant found using drugs or allows others to use drugs on the premises will be immediately denied continued occupancy of these premises.

3. PETS are permitted in rental units with consent from SAN DIEGO RIVER INN prior to check-in. Pet costs are an additional $60 (no tax – it is a cleaning fee) for the length of the stay. Any damage done to the plants, floors or furnishings by pets will be assessed and charged. Pets are required to be on a leash for the entire length of the stay or a fine of $40 will be assessed.

4. REFUNDABLE DAMAGE/RESERVATION DEPOSIT- REQUIRED – damage/reservation deposit of $400 for the Riverview House and/or $650 for the Lakeside Granny flat and/or $1600 deposit for the Lakeside Main House, unless arranged differently in writing with SAN DIEGO RIVER INN in advance. The damage/reservation deposit for all weddings is $600. This must be received before the check-in date. If the damage or breakage of any other part of this agreement exceeds the cost of the deposit, Guest will be responsible for all additional costs. The deposit automatically converts to a security/damage deposit upon arrival. The deposit is NOT applied toward rent; however, it is fully refundable within three to seven (depending if it is a check or a hold) business days of departure, provided the following provisions are met:

a. No damage is done to unit or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.
b. No charges are incurred due to contraband, collection of rents or services rendered during the stay.
c. All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.
d. NO unexpected early check-in or late check-out.
e. The renter is not evicted by SAN DIEGO RIVER INN (or OWNERS or their representatives) and the local law enforcement.
f.  NO excessive noise or disturbances are made during QUIET HOURS defined as hours from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.
g. No disturbances are made to neighbors and surrounding neighborhood.
h. Occupancy does not exceed what is arranged with SAN DIEGO RIVER INN. (extra day guests are charged $20 per day)
i.  NO smoking in unit.
j.  NO household items including linens and towels are lost or damaged.
k. NO excessive use or waste of utilities (incl. water, heater and electricity) or paper towels (one roll a day).
l.  NO oil leaks on the Drive way
m. No guns, BB guns, or bow and arrows are to be used on the property and NO HUNTING (unless written permission from owner).
n. All contents of houses put back (if removed) to house of origin. When people renting out multiple houses takes plates, silver ware, etc. to a different house, it must be returned to the house of origin.
o. CHECKOUT PROCEDURE is followed.
p. Do not unplug, reprogram, move, alter, change, rewire or tamper with any of the electronic equipment inside the houses and on the property. Security cameras must not be covered, moved, altered, or unplugged.

5. QUIET HOUR POLICY: QUIET HOURS are defined as hours from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM on weekdays and from 10:00 PM to 9:00 AM on weekends. No loud noises that could disturb the neighbors from quiet enjoyment of their homes are allowed during this time.

6. PAYMENT – Payment in full is due at the time of booking. We will not guarantee a reservation until we have received payment in full.

7. CANCELLATIONS – For all wedding venue cancellations, you must cancel within 15 days after making the initial deposit. After 15 days there are no refunds. The following applies to vacation rentals only: For advanced bookings, a sixty (60) day notice is required for all cancellations. Cancellations or changes that result in a shortened stay, that are made within 60 days of the arrival date, forfeit the full advance payment and booking fee. Cancellation or early departure does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit. Cancellations made 60 days or more out from check-in date will receive full refund minus booking fees and credit card fees (if any).

8. MONTHLY RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS – Monthly renters must cancel one hundred twenty (120) days prior to check-in.

9. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY – MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY IS ten (10) PERSONS For the Riverfront House and five (5) PERSONS for the Riverview House.

10. MINIMUM STAY – This property requires a 1 (ONE) NIGHT MINIMUM STAY. Longer MININUM STAYS may be required during holiday periods. If a rental is taken for less than MINIMUM STAY days, the guest will be charged the MINIMUM STAY rate.

11. NO DAILY MAID SERVICE – While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate however is available at an additional rate. We do not permit towels or linens to be taken out from the units.

12. RATE CHANGES – Rates are subject to change without notice prior to rental confirmation. Rates also change frequently on and other booking sites. Once you have paid for your booking, either in full or partially, you will not receive a discount on the rate based upon online pricing.

13. FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS – Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in or continue their stay.  This is includes booking “double occupancy” (2 people) and having more than 2 people checking in.  This is a strict policy and is not negotiable in any way.

14. WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS – Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance.

15. CHECKOUT PROCEDURE – Please ensure to complete the following items before your departure.

A. All debris, rubbish, cigarette butts and discards must be put in dumpster located in the front of the property upon departure. Please, pack it in, pack it out. Absolutely no trash left outside that attracts an animal is permitted and no trash left inside is permitted.
B. Please place dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the wash cycle. If staying in the Riverview house, simply put all clean dishes away or in the dish drainer to dry.
C. All used linens, fitted sheets, towels, etc. should be placed in laundry area. (For the Riverview House, used linens and towels should be placed by the foot of the bed area). The zippered mattress covers must be left on.
D. All windows and doors must be properly secured and locked. Leave the screen door unlocked.
E. Thermostat must be turned OFF and BBQ propane tank turned off and ALL Lights, including patio lights must be turned off. The jacuzzi has to remain covered except when in use. For weddings, all propane patio heaters must be turned off by midnight on the day of the wedding.
F. All keys are returned to the lock box or original places.
G. Gate is closed when you leave.

16. PARKING – Excessive Parking Spaces must be arranged with SAN DIEGO RIVER INN in advance. Up to six cars may park in the drive way in the front of the houses only. No vehicles are allowed to park or drive in undesignated areas behind the houses due to underground piping. If you suspect there is an OIL LEAK, cars may park in the dirt area and NOT on the driveway. SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and OWNERS are not responsible for any damage to the renters vehicle or personal belongings during the stay. NO ONE may block the drive way except for loading and unloading a vehicle, because that is a fire hazard. WEDDING PARKING – All guests and family members must park on the Old Highway to the left of the entrance. There are no exceptions. Brief loading and unloading is allowed on the driveway by the Riverfront House. For the Lakeside House, the maximum cars allowed is 4.  There will be no parking of RV’s, Trucks, Commany Posts, or any vehicle larger than 15 feet.

17. JACUZZI RULES – You must shower before entering the jacuzzi and this includes your bathing suit. If your suit has been in the ocean, it must be laundered before entry. Only clothing that is swimwear is allowed in the jacuzzi. Children may not be left unattended or unaccompanied in the jacuzzi. It is not advised to have children under the age of three in the jacuzzi. If children are in diapers, they must wear a swim diaper. The jacuzzi cover must be put back on when not in use. There is no eating or smoking allowed in the jacuzzi. Please help us keep the costs down. If these rules are not followed there is a $150 fine.

18. Towel Inventory – In the Riverview house five bath towels, five hand towels and five washcloths are provided unless there are more than three people. Two additional sets (two bath towels, two hand towels, two wash cloths) will be provided per person if the occupancy is more than three, unless more are requested. In the Riverfront house 12 bath towels, 12 hand towels and 12 washcloths are provided unless there are more than 12 people. If this inventory is not there, please contact the management within two hours of arrival or the party will be responsible for replacements.

19. OUTSIDE FLOOD LIGHTS are not permitted to be used or there is a fine of $40 hour. The switches to the flood lights are covered. If you would like the cover(s) removed, please call staff and ask for assistance. Otherwise, self-removal of the cover(s) is not permitted.

20. USAGE – The premises are to be used only as a private residence for Tenants, and for no other purpose without prior written consent from SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and Owners. Tenants shall not use the premises in such a way as to violate any law or ordinance, commit waste or nuisance, or annoy, disturb, inconvenience, or interfere with the quiet enjoyment of any other nearby resident.

21. ASSIGNMENT/SUBLETTING – Tenants shall not sublet any part of the premises or assign this agreement without the prior written consent of SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and OWNERS.

22. LEASE EXTENSION – Departure date can NOT be extended unless availability exists and a written agreement from SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and OWNERS is obtained.

23. TERMS OF OCCUPANCY: TENANTS EXPRESSLY AGREE AS AN ABSOLUTE CONDITION TO SAN DIEGO RIVER INN AND OWNERS LEASING THE PREMISES TO TENANTS THAT TENANTS SHALL JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND HOLD HARMLESS THE SAN DIEGO RIVER INN AND OWNERS, THEIR AGENTS AND REPRESENTATIVES AGAINST ANY CLAIM, DEMAND, LIABILITY, DAMAGE, LOSS OR COST WHATSOEVER ARISING AS A RESULT OF TENANTS USE OF THE PREMISES AND ANY PROPERTY THEREON, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY NUISANCE, WASTE OR HARM DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY CAUSED BY TENANTS OR THEIR GUESTS. In furtherance of the foregoing and not in limitation thereof, Tenants shall be solely responsible for any liability that may result on or off the premises from the use of alcohol or any other drug. Violation of occupancy limits will result in the forfeiture of all monies and termination of occupancy. SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and OWNERS reserve the right to inspect the property at any time during your stay. Further you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the community and refrain from any activity which interferes with the quiet enjoyment of its residents. SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and OWNERS reserve the right to substitute comparable accommodations in the event of a home emergency, force majeure or unforeseen circumstances (such as unscheduled building works, water damage, fire and etc.). In case the client does not agree with the new proposed apartment, he has the right to cancel the booking and receive a total refund. SAN DIEGO RIVER INN will not be liable for further claims by the Tenants. SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and OWNERS are not liable for failures of any equipment, systems, or appliances, as major repair problems cannot be foreseen.

24. PHYSICAL POSSESSION: If SAN DIEGO RIVER INN is unable to deliver possession of the Premises at the commencement of the term, SAN DIEGO RIVER INN shall not be liable for any damage caused thereby, nor shall this Agreement be void or void-able, but Tenants shall not be liable for any rent until possession is delivered.

25. RETURNED CHECKS: In the event that Tenant makes any payment required hereunder with a check which is not honored by the bank on which it is drawn for any reason, Tenant agrees to pay SAN DIEGO RIVER INN the additional sum of $50.00 as a reimbursement of the expenses incurred by SAN DIEGO RIVER INN. Such charge shall be immediately due and payable upon notice to Tenant.

26. ROOF: Use of the roof for any purpose by Tenants and/or guests is NOT permitted or a $200 fine will be charged.

27. LOCKS: Tenant shall NOT change any lock or place additional locking devices upon any door or window of the Premises without prior written consent of the SAN DIEGO RIVER INN.

28. WATERBEDS: No waterbed or other items of water-filled furniture shall be kept on the premises without written consent from SAN DIEGO RIVER INN.

29. PICTURE HANGING: Adhesive picture hangers of any kind are prohibited. Tenant may be charged for the costs of any repairs or painting required as a result of holes or marks caused by the hanging of pictures or other objects.

30. Included in the one day stay is 1 complimentary GB of WIFI internet. If your holiday extends two days, 2 GB (s) are included. If those numbers exceed, the cost is $10 for 1 GB. Most people use 5 GB to 10 GB a month. Please ask guests not to stream movies during their stay or visit. You are also welcome to not give additional guests the password to the Wifi.

31. INDEMNIFICATION: SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and OWNERS shall not be liable for any damage or injury to Tenant, or any other person, or to any property, occurring on the premises or any part thereof, or in common areas thereof. Tenant agrees to hold SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and OWNERS harmless from any claims for damages, no matter how caused, except for injury or other damages for which SAN DIEGO RIVER INN or OWNER is legally responsible. RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND RENTAL AGREEMENT FOR THE VACATION RENTAL PROPERTY AT 5049 HIGHWAY 78 IN SANTA YSABEL, CA 92070 Release of Liability In consideration of the rental of the above described equipment SAN DIEGO RIVER INN, the undersigned hereby release fully and discharge SAN DIEGO RIVER INN, Its owners, agents and employees from any and all liability resulting from any personal injury to myself, guests or damage to my property which is caused in any way be the negligent acts or failures to act of SAN DIEGO RIVER INN, or any of its owners agents, or employees in the installation, adjustment, inspection, maintenance and/or rental of the equipment, and/or in the instructions given or not given to me concerning the equipment and its use, and/or from my use of this equipment. I accept for myself and guests full responsibility for any and all injuries or damages of any kind which may result from the use of the vacation rental and/or equipment (i.e stairs, playground equipment, river and stream areas, slippery trails) and it is my intention to HOLD HARMLESS SAN DIEGO RIVER INN, its owners, agents, and employees for any injury sustained by me while using the above described vacation rental. In the event that I am agreeing as a parent of a minor and/or guests, I represent that I have full authority to do so, realizing this release is binding upon the minor and/or guests as well as myself. I, the undersigned, acknowledge that I have carefully read this release of liability and understand its contents. I am aware that by AGREEING TO this release, I am waiving certain legal rights, including the right to sue SAN DIEGO RIVER INN, its owners, agents, and employees.I accept and clearly understand that there are inherent and other risks, dangers and hazards associated in the renting of a vacation rental for which this vacation rental and equipment is to be used which can result in injury and that injuries can be a common occurrence in this vacation rental that is bordered by the Santa Ysabel Preserve’s wild terrain, that has a playground, rustic paths, equipment, water ways and more. I further recognize and acknowledge that the risks inherent in staying in a partly wild place can be greatly reduced by being aware of the nature hazards in the area, such as Mountain Lions, Rattle Snakes, Black Widows, scorpions and Poison Oak, abiding by the vacation rental person Responsibility Code-(known as Your Responsibility Code), and using common sense. I FREELY ASSUME ALL RISKS OF INJURY ASSOCIATED WITH STAYING AT THE VACATION RENTAL KNOWN AS SAN DIEGO RIVER INN LOCATED AT 5049 HIGHWAY 78 IN SANTA YSABEL, CA 92070. I understand that the vacation rental which I have rented is designed to reduce the risk of certain injuries to the renter. It will not release at all times, nor under all circumstances where a release may prevent an injury, not is it possible to predict every situation in which it will release. I understand that staying at the vacation rental does not guarantee any safety. I accept for use in its AS IS condition the equipment at the vacation rental and accept full responsibility for its care while in my possession. I will be responsible for the replacement, at full retail value of any equipment rented along with the rental at SAN DIEGO RIVER INN. under this agreement, which is not returned. I agree to reimburse SAN DIEGO RIVER INN for any loss or damage of any kind to the rental equipment other than reasonable wear and tear. 1 agrees that the above equipment will be used at SAN DIEGO RIVER INN only and I accept the equipment IN THE HOUSE(S) in is AS IS condition.

32. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This document constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties, and no promises or representations, other than those contained here and those implied by law, have been made by SAN DIEGO RIVER INN or Tenants. Any modifications to this Agreement must be in writing signed by SAN DIEGO RIVER INN and Tenants. The failure of Tenants or their guest(s) or invitees to comply with any item of this Agreement is grounds for termination of the tenancy, with appropriated notice to tenants and procedures as required by law.

33. CONTRACT: Tenants assume full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the lease for the period state and assure the SAN DIEGO RIVER INN full recourse for the payment of any amount outstanding from the total amount due in accord with the terms as stated above, including any outstanding or unpaid charges that are the responsibility of the Tenants.

CAUTION: READ BEFORE AGREEING! This document affects your legal rights and will bar your right to sue!

This Terms, Conditions & Rental Agreement form is associated with the content above that clearly states your rights when staying with us at SAN DIEGO RIVER INN.

By checking the box in the contact form below, you agree to all of the above, and clearly state that you are fully responsible for all injury to you, your guests, and any minors staying as your guests or any child you are a guardian of. Furthermore, you give up your right to sue SAN DIEGO RIVER INN, its owner, or any other person associated with this title.