We help make children’s natural gifts available to them in this peaceful environment. Our goal is to foster their gifts to help them thrive. We teach how to be aware of and how to feel the aura. We explore the chakras and teach you easy methods to feel and heal the human energy field. We teach you EFT Tapping basics, non-violent communication, and HeartMath. HeartMath connects us with the heart of who we truly are and helps us gain more balance in our lives while teaching resilence.

We learn to feel each other’s energy. In a relaxed environment, we learn how to manage our own energetic boundaries and learn grounding techniques. We learn to build our focused awareness capacity with techniques such as body scanning, being still, deep breathing, relaxation, music and meditation so that you can focus with greater and greater ease. This will help your children be more “in the flow” or “in the zone”. We learn to recognize this state of peace and love and allow it to grow inside. We play games to find the inner voice.

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