Learn Raw Vegan Retreats California

Learn Vegan Cuisine

Come, be free and enjoy stillness at our Learn Vegan Cuisine Retreats near beautiful Julian, California just outside of San Diego, California at the San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center. All guests receive recipe handouts.

Learn how to make Vegan Cuisine. We will enthusiastically show you how to make easy vegan meals that are well-balanced, artistic, nutritious and tasty.

Our schedule for the Learn Raw Vegan Retreats California is below.

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Below are the available start dates for our Learn Vegan Cuisine Yoga and Meditation Retreats.  Please call 619-333-8557 to book or simply inquire.

Learn Vegan Retreat California Schedule

Day One:


4:00 pm – Welcome and Learn Vegan Cuisine

There is a small break before dinner.
7:00 pm – Dinner

Day Two/Three

7:30 am  Breakfast and Learn Vegan Cuisine

8 am Workshop or Class

10:00 am – Yoga or Hike
11:00 pm – Meditation
12:00 pm – Learn Vegan Cuisine
12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 Workshop or Class

4:00 pm – Yoga or Hike

6 pm Learn Vegan Cuisine

6:30 pm – Dinner

Last Day

7:30 am Breakfast and Learn Vegan Cuisine

8:30 am Walking labyrinth meditation

9:30 am – Yoga

11:00 a.m. Check-out – Feel free to visit the Historic Julian District

Guests will do silent walking meditations throughout the retreat on the nature paths we have here. Guests will connect with nature this way. The Japanese call this Shinrin Yoku, which translates to “forest bathing” and guests will partake in this. Shinrin Yoku is proven to be beneficial for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical balancing. Following these powerful “forest baths” you will feel better overall, and particularly experience a deeper relaxation response during the retreat, feeling more calm and refreshed, with better clarity and creativity as you allow the nature to feed your soul.

Schedule times subject to change, content stays ?

Call direct or book online. 10 Guests – limited to 12 guests maximum.

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