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Welcome to the staff page for the San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center!

We love living in nature,  love nature, horses, hiking, spirituality, the arts and yummy food. We are here to share what we love with you. All our staff each have their own forte to share with the group. If you are interested in becoming a part of our staff, please contact us.


Memo Ozdogan

From his early twenties, Memo Ozdogan has had great passion and personal interest in exploring western and eastern spirituality and philosophy in order to see and understand different approaches towards the subject of living. He has delved into the original teachings of the Buddha, J.Krishnamurti, Rumi, Ancient Greek philosophy, Zen, The Tao, ancient forms of spirituality and new age spirituality.

After deeply studying all these various approaches, he tried to find out the original truth in each of these different approaches without becoming a static follower of any of them.

“Life is a very dynamic and living thing which is ever-changing, and therefore no philosophy of the past can be applied directly to life which takes place only in the present moment. Philosophy or teachings might point out an important truth and much can be learned from them but one should never get stuck at any of them since life must be explored from moment to moment and that means one must continue one’s inner journey of discovery at this present moment. This is the only door opening to the path of true happiness and liberation.”

Having lived in Asia for a long time, Memo has had the unique opportunity to deeply explore eastern philosophies of living such as Zen. Being originally from Turkey where the great poet Rumi lived his life, Memo has had a family tradition of Sufism, and his grandfather was a widely respected Sufi master of his area.  After such a long term of study and exploration, recently, naturally and spontaneously he began sharing the outcome of such study with others in a book he authored named as “Letters from Love Cafe”, and by organizing some discussion groups and seminars for the exploration of subjects such as Love, Living in the Present, Meditation, Spiritual path, Fear, Self-Knowledge, Suffering, Loneliness, Happiness, Wisdom, Conscious Living, The Subconscious etc. ; basically subjects about life itself.  He also established a platform called ‘Find Your Secret Key’ to serve this purpose, and for the healing of deeply rooted subconscious hurts through guided meditation and spiritual counseling. Memo also has deep knowledge about the subconscious and the subtle ways of its working. Both in Sufism and Zen there are no official certificates of mastery, but with his deep level of understanding and wisdom Memo is a true spiritual master.

Recently, he decided to travel the world to share such knowledge and wisdom, and learn, at the same time, from others as well in the process as he believes one is both the master and the student who studies life in the mirror of relationship.

You can find more information about Memo if you like to at www.FindYourSecretKey.com.


Jennifer Robinson

 Jennifer Robinson is the founder of San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center, which opened in the summer of 2015. Jennifer was in a rear-end automobile accident in the fall of 2014 which pushed her to start the center. It was a wake-up call for her, waking her up with a deep knowing of the preciousness of life itself. The automobile accident left the vehicle she was driving in with a busted fuel tank and according to an MRI, left Jennifer with moderate foraminal stenosis in the neck area which she believes is healing through the power of love! She believes all healing comes from God. 

Her life was changed completely as she had to rely less on her physical body and rely more on her spiritual body. She now leads transformative and integrative retreats for personal and spiritual growth and healthy living teaching guests how to have happier, easier and more productive lives! 

Jennifer lives in the suburbs of San Diego with her family and also lives in the mountains to teach the retreats along with her husband, Memo. 

Jennifer graduated from California State University San Marcos. Jennifer has a current California teaching credential. She has taught in the inner-city and also, in the more affluent city schools for five years until she became pregnant with her first child. After her first child was born, she didn’t return to teach in the city schools. She started investigating more so, the topic of spirituality and the subject of love, while mothering. Jennifer homeschooled her two older children for most of their school years and homeschooled the youngest for a short, short while. 

Jennifer is a healing medium clearing higher levels of the auric field and a meditation teacher working in the realms of vibration and the unseen world. As a medium, Jennifer has been professionally serving as an ambassador between the Spirit world and our day to day world relying wisdom and insight from teachers, guides and those who have crossed over. 

She has been studying and practicing spiritual healing, mediumship and meditation for about 15 years. She is a healing medium and a meditation teacher and every guest that visits partakes in spiritual healing, chakra clearing/balancing and meditation.  Jennifer is also a sound healer and for every retreat guests relax and enjoy a crystal bowl sound bath healing.  

As well as overseeing the retreats, Jennifer is a mom, ordained minister, author, lifestyle coach, healing medium, spiritual counselor, mental medium, evidential medium and a highly sensitive person HSP. 

She has studied Spiritual Parenting and is a Certified Facilitator of the 17 and GraceLight and The Point of Essence Process from The Soul Center for Spiritual Healing – Spiritual Healing for Indigo Children and Adult Indigos.  

In 2005, Jennifer completed certification for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and also in 2005 Jennifer also completed for Basic Certified Practitioner and Advanced Certified Practitioner in the EMF Balancing Technique. In 2005, Jennifer became a Soul Memory Discovery Practitioner. 

She is a certificated Project WILD K-12 facilitator and Growing Up Wild – Ages three to seven – Facilitator. Because of her love for nature and outdoors, she was a Girl Scout Troup leader when her children were younger.  

Jennifer also was one of the many contributing writers in the book, “Journey Into Motherhood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth…” written by by Sheri L. Menelli. Jennifer’s birth story was about her Vaginal Home Birth After Cesarean with her second daughter’s birth.  


Sherine Helal

Sherine is 32 years old. She graduated from The American University in Cairo with a bachelors degree in Marketing and Art. She works both as a markteer and an artist “ painter”. She actually sells her painting online!
With her, you will be able to paint your surrounding environment your own way but with professionalism and style



This Legal Disclaimer allows alternative practitioners to practice legally in the State of California. According to the California Health Freedom Act (SB577), the following information must be disclosed to you. Please retrieve the full text of SB577 here:   ftp://www.leginfo.ca.govThe California Health Freedom Act was signed into law on September 23, 2002. This bill allows full practice of alternative methods by non-licensed individuals, within certain clearly defined parameters. As of January 1, 2003, alternative practitioners are allowed to practice freely in California.

Jennifer Robinson and Memo Ozdogan at the San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center (Practitioners) are not medical doctors or licensed physicians. Persons with psychological or physical illness that require a medical doctor should contact licensed medical practitioners. Practitioners’ spiritual counseling services are alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the State. Practitioners’ spiritual counseling services are not licensed by the State of California. No statement by Practitioners should ever be taken by the client as a recommendation to discontinue the use of legal drugs or controlled substances prescribed by an appropriately licensed practitioner. Any third party information (such as books or articles) provided is entirely educational in nature, and it is up to the client to use his or her own independent judgment in assessing or utilizing such information. Practitioners’ counseling services are comprised of several non-invasive therapeutic modalities: counseling, lighttouch healing (Reiki, Visceral Manipulation, Myofascial Release, and Craniosacral Therapy), meditation, education, movement, sound, breath work, and somatic response. The synergy and integration of these supports clients in deeply contacting, accepting, understanding, releasing, healing, embracing, loving, evolving, and celebrating all aspects of their inner nature and outer life expression. Specifically, Practitioners’ counseling services assist individuals and couples to create harmonized awareness and balanced growth on spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, and physical levels of being pertaining to experiencing and expressing: intimacy, sexuality, and relationship with their intimate partner. For these purposes, Practitioners employ many therapeutic tools including, but not limited to: light-touch healing modalities, meditation retreat techniques, communication techniques, personal and spiritual counseling, philosophical inquiry, movement, breath work, emotional journeying, somatic feedback, education, channeled guidance, energetic healing, and subjective research. Jennifer Robinson is an Ordained Minister and as ordained minister, all spiritual counseling services provided, including client information and session activity, are kept strictly confidential and fall under the auspices of spiritual counseling confidentiality protections afforded by law to clergymen and their parishioners.

By accepting the terms and agreements set forth above, you acknowledge that you clearly understand

A. That Jennifer Robinson and Memo Ozdogan are not licensed physicians or psychotherapists.
B. That the treatment provided by Practitioners is alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the State of California.
C. That Practitioners’ services provided are not licensed by the State of California.
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