Two Nights Family Yoga Retreat

Welcome to our Two Nights Family Yoga Retreat. The goal we have for you is that when you leave here, you leave with more love in your heart for yourself and for your family and for everyone on our beautiful planet. We believe in the motto, “The family that plays together, stays together” and because of that we offer a variety of fun outdoor games, crafts and activities and class: Living in Season - How to create festivals and celebrate them. This is a great retreat to introduce your children to yoga while being with like-minded individuals and cultivating healthy, peaceful relationships among new friends.

We teach how to have a healthy lifestyle. Children will gain tools to empower themselves through yoga. Besides teaching yoga retreat daily, we teach family fun cooking and un-cooking classes, time in nature, daily hikes, and we teach different way to rest and how to slow down the thoughts. Some children today get overwhelmed easily and so, we teach practical ways to rest and relax. Because we are in nature here, families can enjoy watching birds, squirrels and rabbits run around and watch the clouds move in the sky.

With all our guests, we encourage natural abilities and qualities of empathy, intuition and all gifts and talents. Our family yoga retreats California is here to teach you what often times is not taught in most public and private schools. Most schools or school activities do not lend much importance on intuition, which can leave a child feeling different or even needing to suppress his or her insights about life to fit in. Parents can help by offering their children space to share their intuitive insights and impressions. We play fun “guessing games,” “experiential games” and “cooperative games” to increase intuition.

In this space of love and positive thinkers, our teachers teach ways that parents and children can feel less stress and be in a state of creation and healing. In states of stress, people can become ill. We teach healing using heart-centered lifestyles techniques mentioned earlier -Relaxation, recreation, spirituality, diet, exercise, contribution/service, relationships and time in nature. Though our emphasis here is teaching cooking (un-cooking) and recreation and mindfulness, we touch into all areas of lifestyle.

Our goal is that you and your children will leave here feeling more relaxed physically and mentally by tuning into your own needs and learning personal self-care. Also, it is our hope that children will leave feeling more loving self-acceptance,  more peace through a feeling of wholeness and connectivity, and a feeling of belonging. We also offer tips for children to use in their school to help them thrive and so much more! The main teacher for this event is Jennifer Robinson, a California credentialed teacher.

“If every 8 year-old in the world is taught meditation retreat California, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” —The Dalai Lama

Our days are packed full of fun. Our first evening together starts with community building games from “Project WILD K-12” and “Growing Up Wild” and serves as a bonding experience for all. Afterwards, we all have the option to make a hearty potluck vegan dinner together. Everyone eats. We also make easy raw vegan chocolates together at this retreat, its a small part of raw vegan retreat California.


1600 Check-in and games

1700 Learn Vegan Cuisine and Dinner
1800 Evening Gatherings Q&A with Guests and Staff, music, sound healing, toning and star gazing

1900 Healing bedtime Story

Next Day – Day two

0700 Movement Exercises to include Brain Gym, Yoga, Tai Chi and/or Calisthenics
0800 Breakfast
0845 Break until 1145 – Feel free explore the grounds and walk the largest labyrinth in California, journal or enjoy watching birds. We will be offering many morning activities that rotate.

We offer   Arts and Crafts, playing on the Cedar Works chemical-free playground set, do treasure hunts, drawing, games, climb on rocks, craft: collect nature objects to make a labyrinth, have guided walks through nature and identify local native plants and birds, We offer  Intuitive Art Games, singing, guitar, writing a song, board games, acting, storytelling and Movement exercises to include Brain Gym, Yoga, Tai Chi and Calisthenics and story.

1145 Learn Vegan Cuisine and Lunch

1400 Hiking with Project Wild Activities (environmental program) and Stillness woven into the hike

1700 Learn Vegan Cuisine and Dinner
1800 Evening Gatherings Q&A with Guests and Staff, music, sound healing, toning and star gazing

1900 Healing bedtime Story

Check-out Day

0700 Movement Exercises to include Brain Gym, Yoga, Tai Chi and/or Calisthenics
0800 Breakfast
0900 Break and activities- Feel free explore the grounds and walk the largest labyrinth in California, journal or enjoy watching birds and learning Intuitive Art Games.

Check-out is at 11:00 a.m. on the final day of the Retreat. Group photos will be taken at 10 a.m. Meet at the yoga pavilion!

We have a large vegetable garden so we can offer farm to table cuisine. From the vegetables in the garden, the children will participate in making at least one meal for their parents using our local crop here only. We juice daily and in the Autumn-time and we use fruit grown on site for our juicing demonstrations. Retreat menus will be emailed three days before check-in. The holidays we celebrate here are birthdays and the seasons. If there is a holiday you would like to incorporate during your stay, we would be honored to celebrate it with you and with all of the other guests. Just let us know what we can do. We love celebrations here.

All children will feel seen and heard. Some of the kids will want to discuss a problem they are having and, together with the group, collectively find ways to solve the problem they are having and overcome the challenge using group expression without the labels of right or wrong or good and bad. Each child will be given a journal at registration. This program is designed to allow children to explore and communicate their feelings or emotions with unfolding wisdom, joy and compassion. This program supports children in learning the best ways to navigate through their lives. This program also helps parents and children to explore and talk about health and wellness together.

The programs are staffed by loving adults who coordinate age-appropriate activities depending on the participants.

If you are interested in celebrating your culture with learning about and eating foods from a specific country, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange it.

Babies three and under are free. Please call for indoor lodging. Online booking for lodging is not available at this time. Only camping reservation are available online at this time