Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Lantern Walk and Vegan Potluck Celebration

Gather to celebrate the Winter Solstice on Thursday, December 21st. Here is the schedule for Winter Solstice and Lantern Walk Celebration:
5 pm Vegan Potluck – Bring a vegan potluck salad item with serving spoon or fork for 10 to 12 guests. We provide plates, bowls, cutlery, water glasses, and mugs for complimentary tea. We have a lot of refrigerator space available.
6 pm Jennifer Robinson will teach a Spiritual Development class
7:00 pm Spiritual Discussion with Memo Ozdogan author of Letters from Love Cafe: 47 Letters of Love on Living (Volume 1)

8:30 pm Music Jam around our firepit. Bring your instrument!
9:30 pm Jennifer Robinson will lead you through a relaxing Soul Guided Chakra Clearing and Opening Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath in our Healing Room.
10:30 pm With lanterns, we all start our way, beginning at the Headwaters of the San Diego River and then, walk towards the labyrinth for a Lantern walk ritual. Winter solstice marks the start and turning of a new year, celebrating the turning from the darkest moment of the year to increasing light.
A new year brings mystery and promise. Bring intentions to weave in through another solar cycle. It is said that the veils between worlds is exceedingly thin near water openings and at the winter solstice. At the Headwaters of the San Diego River we will call our beloved ancient ancestors to assist us in balancing our world with love and healing. Jennifer Robinson will offer messages from Spirit to a handful of guests..
Winter Solstice is time to turn into the deep, the dark and the cold. Together we gently uncover our dark side, embracing it with awareness and self-observation, understanding our feelings, thoughts and emotions and how they contribute to our life.

This time of year, in the northern hemisphere the Earth is dormant: quiet and peaceful, making it the most grounding season of all. With our labyrinth lantern walk, we walk the labyrinth with bare feet and with no rush. Allow Mother Earth, in her stillness to swallow up and recycle any discordant energy and dissipate and recycle this energy, gifting us the serenity and calmness to move through our lives in peace, joy, appreciation, compassion and love.
We will walk the labyrinth. The labyrinth means house of the labrys, or double axe. This ceremonial tool, long believed by modern archaeologists to be a sacrificial weapon, was in reality a powerful symbol that wasn’t ever used as an axe. The labrys is a stylized butterfly, the symbol of transformation and regeneration. The labyrinth is a powerful and appropriate symbol for a ritual death to rebirth.
Individual’s facing the labyrinth will face his or her deepest fears, those things that keep us from advancing on our life paths. This initiation can involve a losing of self, a symbolic death followed by spiritual rebirth walking the labyrinth. Guests move through the largest labyrinth in California, away from the outer world and toward the inner world of self-knowledge and truth, toward the center of the labyrinth.
Symbolically, on a deeper level, the labyrinth symbolizes the initiatory journey each person must make toward the center of their being and back again, fighting your own fears and misconceptions in order to release the ego and connecting with and breathe only Oneness.
$35 pre-paid by only.
The Paypal email address to send payment to is The Psychic Medium:

JUST RECENTLY UPDATED 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT. NOW BRING A FRIEND FOR ONLY $5!! This special is only valid when pre-arranged.

For Families!

We will have another Winter Solstice potluck celebration just for families on December 23th at 11 am –

Please bring an appetizer, main dish, salad, or dessert with a serving utensil to share with 10 to 12 guests. We will have two different types of soups and, provide bowls and spoons!! Please bring a picnic basket with plates, napkins, drinks, utensils (we have soup bowls and spoons!) AND warm clothes.

Children and their parents will enjoy outdoor games, the labyrinth, playground and each other’s company! Cost is $35 per vehicle. Please use the Paypal link above. Limited to 20 families.